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Yam Dip and the Night Market!

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So I went to my wonderful friends Christine and Miki’s housewarming party at their lovely new house last weekend; it was a potluck which I love. There was a ton of amazing food at the party and I’m really glad I didn’t bring dessert because there was pecan pie, cupcakes, cheesecake, trifle, poppyseed cake and chocolate! It was out of control. I decided to make yam dip and bring some afghan style bread to go with it. There is a great deli on Main st at 14th called Yek O Yek where I got the bread. We also got a couple of pieces of lemon Turkish Delight! Yum. I was thrilled that people liked the yam dip at the party so here is the recipe!

Curried Yam Dip

5-6 medium yams, peeled, rough chopped (or 2-3 giant holiday size yams)

2-3 T red curry paste (I use cock brand, it comes it a little plastic tub)

1-2 T brown sugar

2-3 T balsamic vinegar

salt to taste

-boil the yam until it’s mashable, do not undercook!

-drain and cool the yams, you can do this the day before if you like. The texture of the dip will be affected if you don’t cool the yams completely.

-puree the yams in a medium size bowl (make sure the bowl is a comforatble size as you will be using it for all the steps) I like to use a hand blender, a masher probably won’t achieve the texture you want

-the spices etc are approximate because you will have to see how spicy/tangy/sweet you want the dip. Get a spoon or some pita bread ready to taste while you’re making it, this is part of the fun of developing a recipe. Start with the lowest amount and add a bit at a time, you can always add more but you can’t take it out!

-puree thoroughly after every addition, the end result should be spicy, not too sweet with a little tang from the vinegar and the texture should be creamy in the mouth.

It makes quite a bit. It is also a great sandwich spread with some cheese, greens and peppers in a wrap.

On Friday night me and Travis went down to the night market in Chinatown. It’s a lot smaller than the one in Richmond but we can walk there which is great. It was pretty early when we went down and got increasingly crowded as the sun went down. There was a great buzz in the crowd with lots of locals and some tourists. After I tore myself away from the motion activated birds, big eyed dolls and super tacky/awesome rings on display we turned to the food stalls. As in the Richmond Market, food is one of the main attractions at the market. Bubble tea, spiral cut deep fried potatoes on a stick, corn on the cob, fish balls, waffle cakes, custard wheel cakes, rice sheet rolls (one of my favourites) and more that I can’t remember. After wandering up and down in a indecisive cloud similar to the one that enveloped us at the PNE we decided on the custard wheel cakes as they involved a strange contraption and we hadn’t had them before. A giant metal wheel with round cake holes was used tomake these, the holes were oiled and the cook used a pastry piping gun thing to pump in cake batter, and then three fillings: nutella, custard and bean paste. Bean paste is a popular filling in Chinese and Japanese desserts and I like it (in small amounts) so we decided to get one of each type. At one dollar each, it was a pretty good deal. we got to watch him make a fresh batch which took awhile, unfortunately when we got ours he gave us a fresh custard and nutella one but one of the bean ones that had been sitting there for ten minutes. It was stone cold and it really affected the taste, cold congealed bean isn’t very tasty. I asked for a new one but he said there weren’t any, although i had just watched him make more and had photos to prove it I restrained myself and didn’t make a scene! Here is the evidence, the bean ones are the dark brown-red ones at the back!

The nutella and custard were quite good! And it was fun to watch him make them, it was very labour intensive as he had to use a little pokey thing to flip the cakes over in the little holes. There was a cute kid with a mohawk watching so I took a picture of him too!

I think we’ll be back and we’ll definitely go to the one in Richmond where I will hopefully get some better pictures.


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  1. Yum! I’m going to have to try this one. I love Sweet Potatoes- What do you think would happen if you roasted the Yams to make them soft rather than boil them??

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  3. Your post is a timely coiobnrutitn to the debate


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