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Christmas past!

Christmas Lights in Burnaby

All that remains of Christmas right now is a glass full of candy canes and my new wreath! It’s still up but on the inside of the door! It’s so pretty I don’t want to put it away quite yet. The holidays were awesome but an absolute whirl wind, as they are for everybody I assume. It’s always a surprise that all the build up and planning is over so quickly; Christmas Day seems shorter than twenty four hours.

I love going to the Farmer’s market and luckily we have one almost year round now, with the Winter market at Nat Bailey Stadium. When I got the newsletter and it mentioned a cookie exchange I was stoked! I wanted to do a cookie exchange at work but because I just changed jobs that wasn’t going to work. A cookie exchange involves a bunch of people baking a few dozen cookies and then trading them so everyone ends up with dozens of different cookies, awesome right? I knew I was going to be making some cookies anyway so this was perfect. Last year I made these great double chocolate peppermint crunch cookies and I love the idea of having a cookie I make every Christmas. So I doubled the recipe, put a couple dozen in some Christmas print cellophane, tied a silver ribbon and went off to the market.

I came home with some white chocolate macadamia cranberry cookies and some amazing chocolate chip gingerbread. My only disappointment is that I liked the gingerbread more than the ones I made! It came with the recipe so I might change my tradition next year!
Next up Christmas! I was excited to make the meal this year and to see my out of country relatives so it was an excuse to go all out! (Not that I needed one). I was really into appetizers this year and did several, hot and cold. I didn’t get any pictures of them but I will share a couple of recipes.
Stuffed Mushrooms (this one is for you uncle Don!)

15 large button mushrooms, stems removed and reserved
1/2 c. breadcrumbs
2 garlic gloves minced
1/3 c. onion minced
1-2 T each fresh oregano and parsley minced
3 T goat cheese
salt and pepper to taste

-preheat oven to 400
-place mushroom caps in an oven proof dish and bake 15 min, they will shrink quite a bit!
-finely chop mushroom stems

-saute onions, garlic, mushrooms and herbs, cool briefly
-combine with other ingredients thoroughly
-stuff caps with mixture and place under broiler 15 minutes (check every five min or so as this time can vary a bit)

Now, the last step is very important: open a bottle of white and pour a glass, then eat the mushrooms! I hope this is close to what we had on Christmas. As usual I didn’t write it down. Bad! I also did some cold canape style appies. Super simple: pepper jelly and goat cheese on crostini, apricot jelly and brie on crackers, pesto, cream cheese and sundried tomato on a tortilla, rolled up and sliced into rounds.
We had the usual suspects for the main course, mashed potatoes, rolls, yams, stuffing, turkey for the meat eaters, mushroom gravy, yummy bread crumb topped roasted onions and peas. I made a cranberry cheesecake for dessert, but the recipe wasn’t mine. I got it off, my go-to recipe site and it turned out great. I haven’t made a cheesecake in a long time but it was easy and delicious. I want to get this post up ASAP so I’ll put another recipe up for the salad I served on the next post.
The Christmas tree is abandoned on the deck right now until I can figure out where to get it chipped. I probably missed all the chipping days and will have to throw it off the roof! Just kidding, look out below!

I’m hoping to post again next week with more pics of the Christmas Light display we saw in Burnaby and some more recipes!

O Tannebaum!


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