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Celebration Cake

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It’s the day after my last final exam and I decided I was going to make a cake to celebrate. I don’t bake that much as it takes skill and attention to detail, not to mention having all the right ingredients. I’m more of fly by the seat of my pants type of baker which usually gets mixed results (i.e. not that great results). Savory cooking lends itself much more to experimentation and substitution; although experienced bakers can also do this. I am not an experienced baker. One of my goals this year is to make more bread and get better at it. Cakes are also on my list, I would love to make a Black Forest one day! This particular recipe is one I have been meaning to make for a couple of years, actually now that I have looked at the magazine’s date (May 2010), almost exactly two years. It’s from Saveur magazine, which I may have mentioned is my favourite food mag. It’s from an article they did on olive oil, and the name Orange Scented Olive Oil Cake sounded strange and interesting.

Boiling Away

I love citrus flavours, especially in desserts. I usually tend to favour lemon flavours but why not oranges? Oranges are probably my second favourite fruit, after cherries (which are strictly for the summer, boo hoo). Oranges are available all year long of course. I think because they are a bit pedestrian and common their deliciousness can get overlooked but I love them. I crave oranges and probably eat at least one a day. Not only am I protecetd from scurvy but I love the juicy pull of biting into a cold orange. They must be cold! Christmas mandarins can be room temperature but they must be eaten only in the last three weeks of December, (possibly first two weeks of January) that is my law!

I am hoping to do a lot of cooking and baking and pickling and jamming (the food kind not the acoustic guitar garage kind) this summer as I am taking a break from school and will be just working. I have been working and going to school year round for the last two years so I am excited for the break!

Anyway, I keep all of my food mags and love to reread them and there was the orange cake recipe again so I deceided to give it a try. The ingredients are very basic and it’s pretty uncomplicated. The triple boiling and syrup making of the oranges sounds labour intensive but it’s really not. I don’t have a food processor so I used my blender which worked but was a bit annoying, if you have a food processor you should use it. Here is the recipe. It’s baking right now and it smells amazing! I didn’t make the glaze but I might heat up some apricot jelly and pour it over top or I might make whipping cream, I’m undecided.

The Mess

The Finished Product

Cake on a Ledge (After Tasting)

It just came out! It’s a lot puffier than the picture in the magazine but I figure that’s better than it being flatter! It tastes delicious! Not too sweet and very orangey, I think a chocolate glaze would be awesome with it actually. I put the original picture that inspired me up on my Pinterest account and I think I’ll keep doing that for future recipes. Check out my boards and follow me. I’m keeping the orange syrup that was left from the recipe, I think I’ll try and incorporate it into a cocktail!

I will get going on my Middle Eastern food goals soon. Now that school is done I can spend more time blogging! Yay!


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  1. Perfect spring time cake!


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