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Daylight Savings Pancake

Fall is now firmly entrenched and it’s dark at 4:30. Blech. I can feel Winter peeking around the corner, slippers are now mandatory at home and the cats are cool to the touch when they come in from the balcony. We went for a big walk at Pacific Spirit park to welcome the autumn colours but first we needed to fortify ourselves with a good breakfast. I decided to try a baked pancake with some local Gala apples in it.

I’m not going to post the recipe becasue I just searched for baked apple pancake on and tried one of their recipes. It turned out pretty yummy! It wasn’t as light as it should have been because I didn’t have enough eggs. It called for four and I only had two! I actually think four would have made it too eggy tasting but three would probably be just right. This is a short post so here are some pics of the yumminess! Too bad I didn’t have powdered sugar.


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