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Day Off Baguette

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School is all done finally, grades in and transcripts sent off! Now it seems I have a little too much time on my hands! Luckliy my favourite magazine has come to the rescue; the latest issue of Saveur is dedicated to baking with “Make This Bread” emblazoned across the title. I decided to give it a go. So I made the four hour baguettes on the cover and they turned out pretty great.

The Finished Product

After a few stalled attempts with the yeast I had on hand (I guess expiry dates do mean something) I bought some new stuff and got going. I always worry that the dough won’t rise enough when I make bread but after the first ten minute dough rest I knew it was going to work. There is nothing like pulling that dough out of the bowl and feeling it come alive under your hands when you knead it! The recipe called for a baking stone which I don’t have so the crust wasn’t quite as crusty as it could have been. My baking sheet worked fine though. You have to add ice cubes to a cast iron pan in the hot oven to create steam so that was fun! I only took pictures of the finished product and I couldn’t get very good light in the kitchen when they were done (it was almost 10). I also couldn’t get the flash to turn off so the pics aren’t quite what I wanted.. On the bright side, my boyfriend gets home around 930 so it was nice to give him some fresh bread when he walked in.

I think I might try making a loaf with a starter next time; I’ve never used one before and have wanted to try it out for a while. There is a bakery in the Black Forest (which I can’t believe is a real place but here’s proof) which has been using the same starter for 500 years which is kind of gross and amazing at the same time. I also think there will be some pizza dough in the near future. Well, this is just a quick post which will hopefully inspire some baking!


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