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Earth Hour 2012 Bar-B-Que

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I’ve been doing the Earthhour thing for a couple of years and I thought it would make a perfect occasion to have a great meal and get the barbie fired up for friends. Earthhour is a global movement to save energy by turning out your lights for an hour to save energy, it’s very cool and has spread to over 130 countries. Check out the link here if you haven’t heard about it.

I love candle light so any excuse to hang out in their lovely glow is good for me. Since it is now Spring (all temperature to the contrary) I wanted to do a bit of a picnic theme for the dinner. So potato salad and deviled eggs were a must, shish-ka-bobs are perfect for the grill and a pear crumble with ice cream for dessert. I like to do a red skin potato salad with creamy honey mustard dressing, minced red onions and lots of fresh dill, the eggs were super basic,just mayo, salt and pepper and paprika. I marinated some tofu, zucchini, mushrooms and orange peppers in a jerk style marinade (don’t forget to soak the wooden skewers in water so they don’t catch fire immediately on the grill. I tossed some peeled Bosc pears with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and brown sugar and topped it with oats, margarine, brown sugar, more cinnamon and a bit of flour, 375 for 1 hour, add ice cream and lie back! our friends brought the frogurt and some potato chips! Yum, baked so they were semi healthy.

So how to amuse yourself when you can’t use technology for a few hours? Something that needed minimal light and wouldn’t interfere with the wine consumption (we kept the lights off after the hour was up, although we did turn the music back on). Boardgames are the perfect answer. After a rousing round of Spongebob Squarepants themed Game of Life, we made the mistake of starting my ancient (1982) quiz game. Let me tell you, Issac Asimov presents Super Quiz 2 is not for the faint of heart or possibly anyone under 60. There’s nothing like pop culture questions about pop culture you’ve never heard of to get those points rolling in. It was pretty funny that TV was the hardest category (and music was no slouch either). Do you know the actor who played the governor on The Governor and JJ? Yes that classic TV favourite that no one has heard of, well thanks to the internet I know a little bit more. Here’s the intro, it looks like quite a thrill ride. I figure JJ is the governor’s illegitimate daughter slash animal trainer and gardener.

The ka-bobs turned out awesome and I can’t wait to barbeque again! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of the food and now it’s pretty much gone but in honour of Spring, I took a couple of some blossoms I picked for the table. My post about Iranian food is still coming, but will probably have to wait until after finals! Happy Spring and April Fool’s Day!


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